Development and Deployment

  • Unparalleled cost reductions with consolidation of databases
  • Remove dependence on outdated/legacy tech stacks
  • Reference-able clients in 11 countries (Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia)
  • Over 50 millions lines of code, and several Petabytes of data – moved to production, since 2004






Test Automation Professionals

With a pool of certified career testers having years of experience across multiple projects, we offer mature processes, robust automation tools & frameworks (in-house developed, open source and vendor tools).



  • Outcome-based and flexible engagement model
  • Reusable (automation + templates) assets for rapid project initiation
  • Faster time-to-market (efficient regression cycle)
  • Convert a major component of IT spend to OPEX








Automation Tools

In-house tools: Scripting, Test data preparation, Infrastructure monitoring and Reporting.

Open Source tools: Selenium, Push-to-Test, Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis.

Vendor tools: IBM Rational Functional Tester, HP Functional Testing, Oracle Application Test suite.


Test Automation


  • Testing Methodology
    • Automation Accelerators / Frameworks
  • Tools
    • Selenium RC
    • Push-to-Test
    • JMeter
    • In-house tools
  • Certified Consultants




Engagement Models 




We offer outcome based fixed price engagement model with clearly defined scope and deliverables.


Staff Augmentation

We can come in, as much or as little as your project needs.