Development and Deployment

  • Unparalleled cost reductions with consolidation of databases
  • Remove dependence on outdated/legacy tech stacks
  • Reference-able clients in 11 countries (Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia)
  • Over 50 millions lines of code, and several Petabytes of data – moved to production, since 2004





  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Configuration management using Puppet/Chef/Ansible for your cloud infrastructure
  • Event Driven Automation using Lambda and work flow services for deeper automation
  • Containerization using Docker for deployments
  • Automated large scale provisioning using Amazon CFT
  • Enable “Operations as a Service” using RunDeck and other orchestration tools
  • Integrate your SysOps and DevOps pipelines with ServiceNow and BMC Remedy
  • Experts in custom automation using Python, Java and .Net Cloud SDK APIs




  • Source code repository for version control and code reuse
  • Binary and artifact repository to store and share compiled code and libraries and using Amazon S3 limitless storage capacity
  • Continuous Integration server to manage dependencies, build process, promotion of candidate throughout customized testing phases, rollback, and manage blue/green deployments
  • Project Management services to integrate trouble tickets and user stories to release candidates and track progress of pipeline activities
  • Build server to pull source code and dependencies to create binaries
  • Provides developers with a consistent and reproducible environment with all dependencies and configurations automatically included to reduce setup time


  • Configuration management scripts and playbooks to develop the desired Amazon Machine Image or virtual machine image
  • Dynamic Configuration to deploy application stack to multiple end-user environments such as the AWS Cloud, an Open-Stack compliant data center, or other public or private cloud environments
  • Automation of testing such as unit, performance, load, security, and any other testing phases that need to be incorporated






  • Custom DevOps workflows
  • Development Environments
  • Continuous Integration Server
  • Server bootstrapping
  • Source code repositories
  • Automated code builds
  • Automated testing and reporting for unit, security, load, performance
  • Application containers



Engagement Models




We offer outcome based fixed price engagement model with clearly defined scope and deliverables.


Staff Augmentation 

We can come in, as much or as little as your project needs.


Migration Rescue Squad
We setup a dedicated offshore center for your company, working as an extension of your core team quickly and for a fixed price.