Database Migration

  • Automated migration tools, mature methodologies, and robust verification & validation processes
  • Unparalleled cost reductions with consolidation of databases
  • Remove dependence on outdated/legacy tech stacks
  • Reference-able clients in 11 countries (Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia)
  • Over 50 millions lines of code, and several Petabytes of data – moved to production, since 2004


DB2 Migration Solutions

  • DB2 to Oracle
  • DB2 to MySQL
  • DB2 to PostgreSQL
  • DB2 to SQL Server


Automated Migration


  • Metadata Migration(Extraction, Conversion, and Generation)
  • Views Migration
  • Triggers Migration
  • Stored Procedures/Functions Migration
  • Data Loading
  • Reports Migration
  • Scripts Migration
  • Embedded SQL Migration (applications)
  • Verification & Validation





100% Migration Ensured

  • 100% conversion of data and metdata
  • Convert SQL scripts – DDL statements, Database SQL dump, SQL queries among others
  • Extract and convert the entire database or just select objects and schemas
  • Generate control files and commands for importing data into target database
  • Validate migration accuracy through comparison of both data and metadata
  • Convert embedded SQL statements in external applications written in PowerBuilder, C/C++, C#, Java, VB/VB.NET, ASP/ASP.NET and Perl/PHP applications



Common Challenges


  • Migration of extremely large size databases, measuring in Terabytes
  • Blazing fast Data Loading for large databases
  • No interruption to the production environment, during switch-over
  • Resolving reserved words and identifier conflicts between source and target environments
  • Conversion of Integrity Constraints
  • Data-type mismatches between source and target database environments
  • Errors in Data Loading stage, with respect to padding of spaces for unused fields
  • Lengthy SQL statements







Experienced Consultants

Our database migration teams include project managers, database architects, product specialists, DBAs, database and interface developers, and QA analysts.


Engagement Models


We offer outcome based fixed price engagement model with clearly defined scope and deliverables.

Staff Augmentation

We can come in, as much or as little as your project needs.

Tools only

If you have in-house expertise and available bandwidth on source and target environments, this is a great option.

Migration Rescue Squad
We setup a dedicated offsite team for your company, working as an extension of your core team, for a fixed price.