Application Migration

  • Modernize your legacy systems for web/mobile enablement
  • Cloud framework, consistent with enterprise architecture – Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud
  • Remove dependence on outdated/legacy tech stacks
  • Proven migration framework – Efficient automation tools and Expert consultants
  • Reference-able clients in 11 countries (Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia)
  • Over 50 millions lines of code, and several Petabytes of data – moved to production, since 2004


Forte Migration

High maintenance costs, lack of skilled personnel, incorrect or non-existent documentation, and little or no agility lead to bulking up costs.

100% Migration

Arkin’s Migration Framework extracts and converts complete range of Forte/UDS features,including – User Interface interactions, system functions, Program Units, Embedded SQLs, Load-balancing and fail-over features.



Migration Tools

  • Analyzer
  • Code Converter
  • GUI Converter
  • DAO Converter
  • Traceability Matrix

Tools to guide in every phase of the migration – from the initial assessment to conversion to re-factoring.

Consistent with
Enterprise Architecture

  • Database Connectivity & Data Access
  • Transaction & Session Management
  • Web Applications Management
  • Server-side Integration like calling Web Services
  • Security Management


Migrate as-you-need

  • Client/Server -> n-tier Web applications
  • Enhance/Retain/Discard existing functionality, as needed
  • Integrate with Identity and credential management tools (SSO)
  • Choice of application architecture, cloud, and mobile platform

Unmatched Value

  • Minimal impact to end users
  • High quality migrated code – compliant with ISO9126 standards
  • Architecture centric migration Framework – comprising of automated tools, methodology and experienced consultants
  • Preserve present applications’ functionality
  • Interoperability and business logic while achieving agility
  • Higher performance and scalability
  • Continuous knowledge transfer
  • Cloud + Mobile enablement in one-go

Engagement Models

TurnkeyWe offer outcome based fixed price engagement model with clearly defined scope and deliverables.

Staff AugmentationWe can come in, as much or as little as your project needs.

Tools only

If you have in-house expertise and available bandwidth on source and target environments, this is a great option.

Migration Rescue Squad
We setup a dedicated offsite team for your company, working as an extension of your core team, for a fixed price.