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Application Migration

  • Modernize your legacy systems for web/mobile enablement
  • Cloud framework, consistent with enterprise architecture – Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud
  • Remove dependence on outdated/legacy tech stacks
  • Proven migration framework – Efficient automation tools and Expert consultants
  • Reference-able clients in 11 countries (Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia)
  • Over 50 millions of lines of code, and several Petabytes of data – moved to production, since 2004


Cobol Migration

High maintenance costs, lack of skilled personnel, incorrect or non-existent documentation, and little or no agility lead to bulking up costs.

100% Migration

Arkin’s migration methodology consists of handling the output of Cobol code i.e. whether it is placed in flat files or even if it directly returns the structures like – Data Model Generation, Data Migration, Flat files (VSAM or ISAM), Network database like IMS, Hierarchical database like IDMS.



Migration Tools

  • Analyzer
  • Code Converter
  • GUI Converter
  • DAO Converter
  • Traceability Matrix

Tools to guide in every phase of the migration – from the initial assessment to conversion to refactoring.


Consistent with


Enterprise Architecture

  • Database Connectivity & Data Access
  • Transaction & Session Management
  • Web Applications Management
  • Server-side Integration like calling Web Services
  • Security Management




Migrate as-you-need

  • Client/Server -> n-tier Web applications
  • Enhance/Retain/Discard existing functionality, as needed
  • Integrate with Identity and credential management tools (SSO)
  • Choice of application architecture, cloud, and mobile platform

Unmatched Value

  • Minimal impact to end users
  • High quality migrated code – compliant with ISO9126 standards
  • Architecture-centric migration Framework – comprising of automated tools, methodology, and experienced consultants
  • Preserve present applications’ functionality
  • Interoperability and business logic while achieving agility
  • Higher performance and scalability
  • Continuous knowledge transfer
  • Cloud + Mobile enablement in one-go



Engagement Models

TurnkeyWe offers outcome-based fixed price engagement model with a clearly defined scope and deliverables.

Staff Augmentation We can come in, as much or as little as your project needs.

Tools only

If you have in-house expertise and available bandwidth on the source and target environments, this is a great option.

Migration Rescue Squad
We set up a dedicated offsite team for your company, working as an extension of your core team, for a fixed price.