Product Experience

Settlement Process

This video provides a brief overview of automation of settlement process based on Delivery Vs Payment [DvP] model and FreePayment [FoP]. It starts with creation of security and initial balance entry for investors and then registration of trading operation and assignment of investors for the operation. Once the assignment is complete it will enter to settlement if the buyer has the cash deposits.

iDepository™ product has the capability of handling different type of securities like fixed income, equities, bonds etc. and different operations like Auction,Buy,Sell,Primary Placement,Repo etc.


This video provides a brief overview of automation of participant unification process; It will show the balances of source and target participant before and after, how the balances moved.

Our iDepoistory™ product is capable of handling the custody services of Depository system which includes Transfer of balances between participants, Participants Unification, Handling Blocked Documents, Change of Ownership of Investor, Accreditation Certificates and Physical Custody Titles.

Security Module

This video provides a brief overview of Security Administration functionalities like creating applications, menu options and it’s privileges, access schedules for each application / entity, profiles definition, users creation and maintenance, auditing at each level like process execution, user actions and table data.

Our iDepository™ product has the Identity and Access management module, which full fills the complete security needs like user management, monitoring, SSO implementation across all modules, LDAP integration and auditing etc.

Process Automation

This video provides the Corporate Action Automation of a fixed income security. It  starts with registration of a fixed income security, creation of a chronogram according to the term of payment and execution of the preliminary and definitive process of event and payment of  the benefits to the investor account using payment process.

iDepository™ product is capable of handling corporate action / events automation of dividend payments, preferred subscription, remnant payments, interest payment, amortization, dividends in cash , reorganization securities like Change nominal value, capital reduction, stock split, stock merge, eVoting etc. The Corporate action is compliant with ISO20022 standards.