Depository Trading

Equities Services

Complete functionality to enable clear and settle all broker-to-broker equity, listed corporate and municipal bonds and Unit Trust trading, ensuring capacity, certainty and reliability to handle today’s enormous trading volumes.

     Equities Clearance

  • Automated Customer Account Transfer Service
  • Cost Basis Reporting Service
  • Continuous Net Settlement
  • Correspondent Clearing service
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) processing
  • Fully-Paid-for-Account
  • institutional trade settlement
  • Reconfirmation and Pricing Service
  • Agency Lending Disclosure
  • Corporate Action Liability Notification Service
  • Stock Loan Recalls
  • Stock Borrow
  • Trade Capture and Reporting
  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) Comparison service
  • Prime Broker trade processing

    Equities Settlement

  • The Institutional Delivery Netting Service
  • Settlement – Equity, Debt and Money Market Instruments
  • Dividend Settlement Service
  • Participant-to-participant physical delivery of securities
  • Inventory Management System
  • Pre-Issuance Messaging Service

Fixed Income Services

Providing trade comparison, netting and settlement for the fixed income securities marketplace.

     Government Securities

  • Real-time trade matching
  • Netting and settlement
  • Risk Management for Trades
  • Repurchase Agreements
  • Collateral Substitution Service
  • Repo service
  • Cash-only settlement service
  • Auction Takedown
  • Cross-Margining

    Corporate, Municipal, Unit Trusts

  • Real-time trade matching
  • Underwriting
  • Clearance Service
  • Settlement service

Assets services

Cost-effective solutions that reduce risk, boost efficiencies, improve transparency and enable the syndicated loan market to develop and grow in a rapidly changing financial and regulatory environment.
Position recordkeeping and “Cash Break” resolutions by providing real-time reconciliation services at the:

  • Committed Balance level
  • Transaction level
  • Contract level information

Delivery-versus-Payment for syndicated loan trading reduces settlement day risk by introducing:

  • Delivery versus Payment (DvP) and Real-Time Gross Settlement for loans
  • Netting of payments daily across the loan market
  • Real-time access to settling trades and cash balances
  • Cash settlement in multiple currencies around the globe
  • Cash settlement for primary syndicate funding

     Asset Servicing

  • Custody
  • Deposits Service
  • Direct Registration System
  • Dividend Service
  • Legal Notice System
  • Cash processing
  • Proxy / security Position Reports
  • Proxy services
  • Reorganization Services

    Tax services

  • Tax Info
  • Tax withholding service
  • Tax Reporting Service
  • Direct Registration System

Corporate Actions

A seamless corporate action functionality to deliver comprehensive, accurate and timely information for traded equities and fixed income instruments.

These may be either monetary benefits like dividend, interest.
Or, non-monetary benefits like bonus, rights, etc.