iDepository™ is a modern software solution, flexible and robust that supports the services provided by Central Securities Depositories. It consists of a set of integrated applications through business support services enabling adjust to business needs and offers users a platform friendly, portable, secure and with ability to integrate with internal and external applications.

CSD Core Functional Components



CSD CORE  Detail of Modules


Accounts Management    

  • Investor Accounts
  • Banking Accounts
  • Participant Accounts
  • Mobile and Web Services
  • Record of authorized signatures
  • Anti Money Laundering Controls (PEP, PNA, OFAC)
  • FATCA Principles

 Dematerialized Custody

  • Dematerialization and Rematerialization
  • Massive and Individual transfer of securities
  • Participants unification
  • Change of ownership
  • Lock and unlock of assets
  • Trades rectification
  • Unconfirmed operations reversal

 Issuers and Assets

  • Registry and Record of issuers
  • Management of Equities and Fixed Income Issues
  • Management of Bond issues tranche
  • Management of Payments Schedule
  • Reestructuring Payments Schedule

Trading Operations

  • Registry of transactions of different mechanisms and modalities
  • OTC transactions management
  • Assignement and Complementation process
  • Settlement in charge for Custodians
  • Cash amounts calculation

Cash Funds Management

  • Parametrizable funds management (SWIFT, Central Bank, Commercial Banks, Settlement Banks)
  • Management of Banking Accounts
  • Segregation Accounts (corporate actions, Settlement process, guarantees)
  • Monitoring accounts
  • Automatic and manual processing for entry and withdrawal cash

Fixed Income Actions

  • Interests
  • Amortization
  • Advance of payments
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Beneficial owner payments
  • Cash collect
  • Bank interfaces (Central Bank, Commercial Banks, SWIFT)

Fees and Rates

  • Parametrized services management
  • Fees and rates calculation
  • Automatized collection services
  • Manual collection services
  • Invoicing
  • ERP Interfaces

Audit Module

  • System Activity Audit
  • Activity Tracking
  • Users audit
  • Process monitoring
  • Conciliation Services
  • Programing Process
  • Manual and Automatic Execution Process

Setup and Utilities

  • Managing general parameters
  • Notification services
  • Business process management
  • Interfaces generator

Security Management

  • Setup of system options
  • Managements of users profiles (internal and external)
  • Access and exceptions Schedule
  • Managing users privileges
  • Integration with LDAP3
  • Process Management

 Physical Custody

  • Income physical securities
  • Withdrawal of physical securities
  • Tracking of physical securities

Clearing and Settlement Process

  • Mechanism and modality settlement parametrization
  • Manual and automatized Clearing and Settlement processing
  • Management of advanced and delayed payments
  • Settlement failure management

International Settlement

  • Registry of CSD International Links
  • Registry of International  Brokers
  • Receiving and sending assets
  • Deposit and withdrawal of assets
  • International assets corporate actions

Guarantee Management

  • Management of guarantees calculation
  • Guarantees valuation
  • Margin call management
  • Change of guarantees
  • Interest calculation for cash guarantees
  • (Repos, Securities Lending)
  • Coverage amount

Equities Corporate Actions

  • Automatic and manual management of corporate actions
  • Confirmation of Issuers management
  • Beneficial owner payments
  • Cash dividends
  • Stock Dividends
  • Stock Remainder payment in cash
  • Return of Contributions
  • Preferred subscriptions
  • Stock Splits
  • Stock Merge and Union
  • Change of Nominal value with variation of capital
  • Change of Nominal value without variation of capital
  • Capital Reduction
  • Securities Exclusion

Accountable Interfaces

  • Accounting Parameters registry
  • Accounting Schemes registry
  • Formulas and information source registration
  • Generation of Accounting documents
  • Output interface with ERP